Irritations, scratches, redness, scars… these superficial damages to the skin are the lot of everyday life and very often a source of discomfort.

Based on a unique and innovative combination of active ingredients from Avène Thermal Spring Water, the treatments in the Cicalfate + range have been developed to soothe and promote repair of sensitive skin. For every irritated skin there is a Cicalfate + solution.


  • Immediately soothes and repairs the epidermis from 48 hours. (1)
  • Protective texture with dressing effect on the irritated area.

The iconic cream to repair, cleanse and soothe everyday irritations and ailments for the whole family.


  • Dries, repairs, and cleanses irritated skin prone to maceration (2)
  • Convenient and hygienic format: targets irritation without touching it.

The spray to dry and soothe your irritations in wet areas. Ideal for infants, children and adults. And as a bonus, It does not sting or stain your clothes.


  • Reshapes the scar and soothes the skin. 
  • Moisturizing pro-massaging texture.

The solution to improve the appearance of re-epidermized scars on the face and body. Combined with an adapted massage, your marks diminish from 3 weeks (3) . Your skin is more supple and softer.


LIP Repairing Balm

Nourishes, soothes and protects chapped lips and locally irritated skin areas of the whole family, from the first application.


Its complex of active ingredients with repairing, soothing and cleansing properties, promotes the repair of superficial irritations due to climatic conditions, chemical attacks (irritating household products, etc.) or drug treatments. Also effective on the perioral area and on the sides of the nose, this highly hydrating formula (up to six hours **) is water resistant.

Hands Barrier repair cream

This repairing cream with a “second skin” effect protects and soothes very irritated hands and quickly supports the regeneration of cracks. With its creamy texture and formulated without perfume, Cicalfate MAINS Insulating repairing cream helps to find comfort and softness on a daily basis.


This repairing cream promotes the reconstruction of the skin barrier, especially after frequent washing, or the repeated use of hydroalcoholic solutions which dry out the skin. 


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