Ever feel like you are disconnected from your skin?

Freeing yourself from acne: this is a mission we take very seriously and Cleanance skincare products continue to demonstrate our commitment for 30 years to all acne-prone skin.

Purify, correct, accompany or beautify oily or acne-prone skin of adolescents or adult women: a complete range that guarantees efficacy and high tolerance, alone or in combination with a drug treatment. Don't give up, Cleanance is your best ally in this fight!


To eliminate shine and imperfections of sensitive oily or acne-prone skin


The range of hygiene and dermatological care products recommended by dermatologists which effectively and durably reduces excess sebum and pimples / blackheads.

Emerging loves, passionate friendships and studies that are sometimes confusing: the teenager has many concerns.


Cleanance Comedomed

Anti-blemish Concentrate

  • Reduces pimples and blackheads from 7 days¹
  • Limits the recurrence of new imperfections

Both attack and basic care, Cleanance Comedomed is formidable against pimples and blackheads. Unlike other anti-blemish treatments, it doesn't just reduce blemishes, it also works at the root to limit their reappearance. 


Results ? the infernal cycle of spots is broken! 


My care, this hero

No. 1

Anti-acne treatments in pharmacies and prescriptions²


Anti-recurrence action³


Imperfections as early as two months


Cleanance Comedomed

Localized Drying Emulsion

  • Localized and rapid drying action
  • Limits residual marks

Cleanance Comedomed Localized drying care is a one-off "SOS" treatment to dry and absorb localized imperfections while limiting residual marks. Visible efficacy from 1 day of application *.


Easy to dose and apply thanks to its targeted cannula tip, this featherweight emulsion penetrates quickly.


Cleanance Cleansing Gel

  • New formula to gently purify the skin
  • Long-lasting elimination of sebum, shine and impurities

The facial cleansing phase: this is the basis of care for skin with imperfections! Cleanance Cleansing gel helps to purify and mattify the skin without attacking it. It gently removes the impurities that contribute to clogging the pores (dust, pollution particles, make-up) and reduces the excess sebum at the origin of pimples for clean, fresh skin.

CLEANANCE micellar water

  • Removes make-up, mattifies, cleanses

Cleanance Women Serum

Corrects imperfections and tightens pores

Cleanance women night cream

Reduces marks and imperfections, smoothes skin texture


Cleanance spf50+ sunscreen

High factor suncreen that protects and mattifies

Cleanance exfoliating mask

Mattifies, purifies, reduces excess sebum

Cleanance hydra

Used along side pharmaceutical treatments which dry the skin, reconstitutes the hydrolipidic film, calms irritation and reduces redness


Under an anti-acne treatment, my skin is particularly dry, so I opted for Cleanance HYDRA. This cream moisturizes the skin well and leaves a non-greasy feeling, it penetrates the epidermis deeply, I recommend it morning and evening for people under treatment!



At the heart of our range


Limits the transformation of sebaceous follicles into micro-comedones.

Avène Thermal Spring Water

Restores with all its soothing and anti-irritant properties

Dermatological innovation


A new comedolytic active ingredient of vegetable origin: COMEDOCLASTIN ™


Innovation with patented properties *, exclusively developed by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, Comedoclastin ™ is made from milk thistle seeds. 


This unique active ingredient provides an unprecedented response in the management of mild to moderate acne. It reduces pimples and limits their reappearance by acting at a key stage in the process of formation of blemishes, from the root. By preventing the sebaceous follicles from turning into micro-comedones, it helps to resist pimples.


To reconnect you with your skin

Teens, young adults, parents of teens: you are not alone when it comes to acne. Pimples shouldn't be a cause for concern regardless of your age. More than ever, Avène Dermatological Laboratories support you. 


“The gift of appeasing”, our brand signature, is the mantra that guides our Laboratory in all its research and its perpetual quest for innovation. Thus, we have been able to develop our skincare offer to become today the only dermo-cosmetic range for oily skin with imperfections that fully and specifically responds to all stages of acne. 


And as we are fully aware of the psychological repercussions they can induce, we are also here to treat their scars invisible to the naked eye.


To help you live more serenely, we share with you some daily tips that apply to all ages and that can change everything!

Tip # 1

After finding the right products for your skin, the most important thing is to apply them daily. Re-gu-la-ri-té is synonymous with efficiency! Apply your treatment every day after cleansing your skin. 


When it comes to efficiency, it rhymes with simplicity! Do not multiply the products. Stick to a simple routine and the result will be better. 

Tip # 2

Applying makeup when you have pimples is possible as long as you use non-comedogenic makeup and remove makeup EVERY NIGHT! 

A little beauty has several advantages: first, you have the opportunity to hide your imperfections for more serenity. Then, when you are made up, you are much less likely to touch your spots! 

Tip # 3

This is not a secret. To feel better about yourself, it is important to gain serenity. Sport is a great ally!


The practice of a sport improves health, allows better sleep, helps to evacuate toxins and reduces stress. All of these good things contribute to better skin quality!


Do you have a doubt or maybe a question? We are always here for you

Does acne eventually go away on its own?

This is sometimes true, especially in the case of hormonal acne in adolescence. On the other hand, it is possible that acne lasts until adulthood. Women are mainly concerned. Hormonal variations (especially pregnancy) are factors that trigger acne breakouts, not to mention UV rays, dust and air pollution - likely to be factors influencing acne. We must react quickly and not hesitate to consult a health professional for good advice.

Acne scars, what can be done?

When it comes to acne scars, prevention is better than cure, getting rid of them is long and expensive, laser treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion ...


The best option is therefore to have a well-adapted and effective anti-blemish routine. The fewer pimples there are, the less scars there will be! Fortunately, there are double-action skincare products that reduce pimples, reduce hyperpigmentation of scars and reduce light scars such as Cleanance WOMEN Smoothing Night Care.

Maskne, how to fight against this form of acne linked to the mask?

Wearing a mask can "suffocate" the skin, which can therefore be more sensitive to breakouts.

Our advice: Hygiene is essential, morning and evening. Boost skin hydration but with products for oily or acne-prone skin that will hydrate by reducing blemishes and limiting their reappearance. And take care to wear a clean mask daily because it can become saturated with cosmetics and creams which will make it more irritating and comedogenic. Fortunately, there are double-action treatments that reduce pimples, reduce hyperpigmentation of scars and reduce light scars. such as WOMEN Cleanance Smoothing Night Care.


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1 Tolerance and efficacy study under dermatological control on 51 subjects, use of Cleanance Comedomed twice a day for 56 days. 2 Comedomed 30 ml - N ° 1 on the anti seborrheic market in pharmacies. IQVIA Pharmatrend Pharmaone - Market 83A Anti seborrheic products in Pharmacies in France - October 2019 - in value. Comedomed 30ml-N ° 1 in pharmacies, on the anti seborrheic market prescribed by doctors. IQVIA-Xponent Pharmaone -in France Pharmacie - Month November 2019 - in value - market scope: Anti seborrheic products (class 83A). 3International observational clinical study, 90% of patients without acne relapse at T6 months, (according to the definition of relapse in the GEA ≥3 protocol requiring the introduction of oral or local drug treatment), 48 subjects, 2 applications per day of Cleanance Comedomed alone for 6 months. 4 36 subjects with slight to moderate blemishes. Comparative clinical study (group treated twice / day N = 18), control group (N = 18) for 56 days.

*Patent pending