The routine for dry skin for the whole family

If you are not among those with skin prone to atopic eczema but you or your children have dry to very dry skin and you are still looking to nourish it, then XERACALM NUTRITION is made for you!

This range is the ally of dry skin. Its treatments nourish and hydrate the skin instantly and for up to 48 hours. Its formulas composed of 95% to 99% ingredients of natural origin are respectful of the health of your skin. Its fluid textures allow rapid application for express dressing. 

Ideal for young and old alike, the XERACALM NUTRITION dry skin routine combines effectiveness, practicality and naturalness. And that's without forgetting the eco-design of its packaging, incorporating 70% for the tubes and 100% for the bottles of recycled plastic (excluding capsules and pumps).

XeraCalm Nutrition
Moisturizing Lotion

  • 48 hours of hydration 
  • Formula with 97% ingredients of natural origin
  • Formula and packaging developed as part of an eco-design approach


This moisturizing treatment, dedicated to dry to very dry skin, delicately scented, soothes tightness. Thanks to its trio of soothing and nourishing active ingredients, Milk Thistle Oil, Niacinamide and Avène Thermal Water, it instantly envelops the skin in a veil of softness. 

The most practical: its fluid texture which does not stick, allows you to dress immediately after application.

Milk Thistle oil boosts the synthesis of ceramides, lipids naturally present in the skin which help to form the skin barrier and keep the skin hydrated. Combined with Niacinamide which induces the synthesis of ceramides and strengthens the barrier function, the treatments in the XERACALM NUTRITION range thus benefit from an action that is global, rapid and long-lasting.

Active manager, Pierre Fabre Research and Development Center

XeraCalm Nutrition 
Cleansing gel

  • CLEANS sensitive and dry skin for the whole family
  •  PROVIDES skin comfort
  • Physiological pH and soap-free


Cleansing gel intended for sensitive and dry skin of the whole family. High-tolerance daily hygiene with a light fragrance that gently cleanses and provides skin comfort. Formulated with 99% ingredients of natural origin, this face and body cleansing gel respects the most sensitive skin. Its soap-free gel texture with neutral pH for the skin foams upon application, and does not sting the eyes or external intimate areas. It benefits from an eco-responsible approach.



Immediate effect

48 hours

hydration for dry skin¹


hydration after application²


ingredients of natural origin


Milk thistle oil

Milk thistle is a treasure of nature. Used for many years to treat hepatobiliary disorders, its oil has many benefits for the skin: it nourishes intensely and deeply, it restores and strengthens the protective lipid film of the skin, and boosts the ceramides to fight in depth against dryness. 

It is for these properties that we have included Milk Thistle oil in our XERACALM NUTRITION range intended for dry to very dry skin.  


Selected for dry skin

Avène Thermal Spring Water

Thanks to a unique material and biological structure, it has soothing, restorative and rebalancing properties. 

XeraCalm Nutrition Balm

Clinically proven to intensely nourish and hydrate skin for up to 48 hours while strengthening the skin barrier and replenishing essential ceramides to provide ultimate comfort and protection against dryness, tightness, and flakiness. Apply a generous amount 1-2 times a day after cleansing skin. For external use only.

XeraCalm Nutrition Lotion

Avène Xeracalm Nutrition Shower Cream is a gentle and nourishing care to cleanse the dry skin of the whole family. A reformulated range to cover all needs: the Xeracalm A.D. range for skin with atopic dermatitis and the Xeracalm Nutrition range for sensitive skin. Ideal for babies, children and adults. Can be used from birth.


The perfect alchemy between comfort, efficiency and practicality

Men and women, young and old, we all need care adapted to our dry or very dry skin. XERACALM NUTRITION is the daily dose of softness to integrate into your routine to hydrate sustainably. 

Thanks to a unique combination of active ingredients, these hygiene and care products offer long-lasting nutrition. Each formula guarantees high tolerance in order to suit the most fragile skin, even that of babies. The fluid textures penetrate instantly, allowing you to get dressed immediately after application. No more excuses for not taking care of your skin every day! 


Do you have a doubt, a question?

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For a man, I find that it is not easy to put moisturizer on my body but I have dry skin, do you have any advice?

XERACALM NUTRITION Moisturizing milk has a texture suitable for men because it penetrates quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin. For ease of application, we recommend the following technique:
- Spread XERACALM NUTRITION Moisturizing Milk in your hands.
- Distribute it by touches on the body.
- Spread using large gestures.
- On areas where there is more hair, spread the body milk in the direction of the hair (from root to tip).

Remember that a thin layer is sufficient, it is easier to add than to remove!

What is the difference with XERACALM AD?

XERACALM NUTRITION products are formulated to nourish, restore and soothe sensitive but non-pathological dry to very dry skin of the entire family. XERACALM A.D is a range intended for dry to very dry, pathologically itchy skin as well as atopic skin.

Can I apply XERACALM NUTRITION for my 8-year-old daughter who has dry skin in winter?

The results of tests of XERACALM NUTRITION products on children and infants demonstrate excellent tolerance on their fragile skin from a very young age (from 1 month). So we can safely recommend these products for your 8-year-old daughter.


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1 – Instrumental test, 30 subjects, 2 times/day for 7 days
2 - Clinical study on 33 adult subjects - Evaluation of the Hydration Index after 1 application of XERACALM NUTRITION Moisturizing milk